My name is Everita Kenny and here I would like to introduce myself.

I am qualified luxury wedding planner and a make-up artist specialising in bridal make up, but most importantly I am passionate about weddings! 

I think everyone should have the wedding of their dreams!

I am the author and creator of ‘’The Wedding Diary” 

My love for weddings started when I was planning my own wedding.

I had so many ideas, so much excitement, and so many options that I couldn’t put it all in one or even two days. One wedding wasn’t enough for me to fulfil all that I wanted to do. I wished I could plan it again and again…


The number one tool in your wedding planning journey

certified Wedding planner

While listening to many people experience and their thoughts of their wedding, I realised that a lot of couples have regrets about their wedding day. They wished they would have done this or that or wouldn’t have stressed over things they did. That is when I understood where I could put all my ideas and my super organisation skills in helping other couples to design and plan wedding of their dreams. Because I like to do things 100%, I studied at London School of Trends and received my Luxury Wedding Planning Certificate there.

I created and published a unique wedding planning book that has absolutely everything you need to plan a wedding of your dreams and to create your own personal wedding diary as a keepsake for the future. It has everything from my personal wedding tips, budget planner, wedding checklist, 18 months calendar to space for your photos and your own notes. This diary will be your go to regarding all things-wedding.

My wish is to work with you on your wedding planning. To design and plan your wedding so that it is better then you ever dreamed off, better than you imagined your wedding would be. I want your guest’s reaction to be “Wow! This is the best wedding we have ever been to!”

If this is also what you want, then don’t delay, contact me for your free consultation, where we can discuss the details. 

Love Everita