The Wedding Diary




Are you looking for a wedding planner that will actually serve the planning purpose and after will transform into a wedding memory book?

Congratulations, you have found one. 

This unique and one-of-a-kind wedding planning diary has absolutely everything that you need to plan a weeding and to keep all information safe in one place. 

This wedding diary is a workbook that will be your number one tool in all wedding planning journey. 

With its beautiful and unique design, you will be able to colour it in your favourite or your wedding colours and distress when planning will get a little too hectic. 

Here you will also find:

  • Checklist 
  • Budget tool
  • Rental tool
  • 18 months calendar
  • place for your pictures to create your very own personal wedding memory book
  • note pages for each wedding planning aspect 
  • advice and tips on wedding planning 
  • storage for all receipts, contracts and business cards
  • seating chart
  • music list
  • Bachelorette party memory section
  • Bachelor party memory section
  • honeymoon planning worksheet

The best part of this wedding diary is, that after the wedding planning has finished, you just tear out all pages that you don’t want to keep (spiral bind is exactly for that reason) and add your photos to each chapter. This way you will have created your special wedding memory book with all your favourite pictures and summarized the most important information. Hardback covers will last fresh and beautiful for many years to come. You will be happy to look back and relive the wedding day again and again. Your wedding day is the quickest day in your life, that is why it is very special to have something so unique and personal to help bring your memories back. 

I am sure with help of this wedding diary, it will be a lot easier and less stressful to plan wedding of your dreams! Add to cart. 


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